Sun Moon Lake

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Sun Moon Lake, situated in Nantou County’s Yuchih Township, in the center of Taiwan, and is the island’s largest lake. It is a beautiful alpine lake, divided by the tiny Lalu Island; the eastern part of the lake is round like the sun and the western side is shaped like a crescent moon, hence the name “Sun Moon Lake”.

Its crystalline, emerald green waters reflect the hills and mountains which rise on all sides. Natural beauty is enhanced by numerous cultural and historical sites. Well-known both at home and abroad, the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area has exceptional potential for further growth and recognition as a prime tourism destination.

Taiwan’s Sept. 21 earthquake, which struck the area in 1999, caused severe damage to the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area, at the time under the administration of Taiwan’s provincial government. The park has since been reorganized as a National Scenic Area. Significant increases in human and capital investment inflows and the promotion of various special programs and events centered on the Scenic Area have been instrumental in attracting tourists, helping the area emerge from the shadow of the earthquake and setting Sun Moon Lake firmly back on the path to becoming an international tourist destination.


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